What Is the Hargrave Eye Center?

The Hargrave Eye Center is located at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. It was founded in 2003 by Sylvia Hargrave MD, FACS.  The success of The Hargrave Eye Center has come from its outstanding customer service and loyalty to their patients.  The warm, inviting, and contemporary office hold the latest technology in medical diagnosis and treatment.  The patient comes first at The Hargrave Eye Center and the number one goal is to ease patient anxiety through Dr. Hargrave and her patient centered team.

The Hargrave Eye Center is a full service center that focuses on total eye health.  To not only have good vision but good health in general, one has to take care of their eye health.  The eye plays a unique role as the window into our overall medical health and a simple eye exam can help shed light on possible medical diagnoses.  The eye is the only location on the body where you are not required to cut open the body to see veins, nerves, and arteries as well as the all important optic nerve.  With the help of the technology incorporated by The Hargrave Eye Center, Dr. Hargrave and her team have the ability to detect glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts through their eye exams.

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