Day: May 21, 2014

Healthy Vision Month

The Hargrave Eye Center’s latest post:

hargraveeyecenter_healthyvisionWith May being Healthy Vision month, the Food and Drug Administration offered up some interesting information in the form of Fact or Fiction.  Below are some highlights from the article.

Laser Pointers

Something the FDA proved to be a fact was the use of laser pointers and if pointed at the eye that they can cause damage.  Lasers are actually one of the most dangerous things in regards to the eye.  If shined directly into the eye it can damage sight in an instant and it is stressed that lasers with a high concentrated light can affect anyone within range of the laser.


Carrots are in fact important to help with vision health.  Carrots contain Vitamin A, an important vitamin to maintaining strong eyes.  They aren’t the only ones though, a healthy balance of dark fruits and other vegetables, particularly broccoli or peas, will help maintain a healthy eye and keep your diet at a manageable level.  This will also help prevent Type 2 diabetes, which is the leading cause of blindness for adults.

TVs and Computers

If you sit to close to the TV your eyes get damaged right?  This was proved fiction by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  The AAO mentioned that your eyes will feel especially tired if you sit to close or if you prolong exposure to the screens but tired eyes can be remedied with simple rest and time away from the screens.

Over-the-counter reliever

Using over-the-counter eye reliever is recommended for long-term use.  That is actually fiction.  It isn’t recommended to use over-the-counter eye drops to relieve redness or dry eyes for more than a couple of days.  Initially, the drops will help reduce redness by constricting the blood vessels.  Long-term use actually causes a rebound effect and can turn into the reason you have irritation in the eyes.

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