Google Glass and prescription glasses

The Hargrave Eye Center’s latest post:

Google Glass has been around for two years now.  In that time it has gone from changing the way we see things in our everyday life to  becoming a “spywear tool” that has been banned by various casinos, restaurants and bars.  A L.A. Times article mentions that Google Inc. even have posted online tips on how to appropriately use Glass.  Google is on it’s way to trying to improve Glass’ image by potentially offering Glass to prescription eyeglass wearers.  Teaming up with some eye care providers, Google may be providing the wraparound device for the public.

Two of the eye care providers are located in Southern California: Optometrix located in Brentwood and Calabasas located Optometry.  They are offering their customers Google Glass right from the store and, as L.A. Times writer Salvador Rodriguez states, if customers like what they see, Glass will be “mounted on traditional-looking prescription frames.”  The goal from Google is that those already wearing prescription eyeglasses will want to upgrade to smart glasses.


And you will certainly be getting some of the best frames with the revolutionary product.  In April, Google signed a deal with Luxottica, an Italian company that has designed products for other popular brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban.  They have also upgraded their team to help with fashion and function.  Former executive vice president of marketing for Gap and former president of Calvin Klein’s men’s accessories, Ivy Ross has been named the head of the Glass team.

There is still concern however.  Just because the glasses are functional for prescription wearers, adding Google Glass to the fold still could cause a breach in privacy and it will be up to restaurants, casinos, and bars to address whether those who previously banned Google Glass will change their mind.  The main concern is that people will never know when they are being recorded.

from Hargrave Eye Center | Dr. Sylvia Hargrave


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