Pokemon Go and Eye Health

The Hargrave Eye Center’s latest post:

There are risks that go along with playing Pokemon GO nonstop.  That expanded time spent gazing at screens can have long-haul consequences for eye and vision wellbeing. Remember that computerized wireless screens transmit blue light radiation called High Energy Visible Blue Light, which can throw off your rest and, over time, might damage photoreceptors in the eyes.

With too much mobile screen time, there’s also a potential for digital eye strain brought on by an excessive amount of blue light radiation. This exposure can cause tiredness and alter sleeping patterns, not to mention causing hazy or unfocused vision, and dry eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches, and even myopia as children age.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story, “Two Unexpected Ways Pokemon GO Can Affect Eye Health,” in Parent Herald: 

With users spending an average of 26 minutes a day using the app, Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director, LensCrafters, explains, “people, and parents of young children and adolescents in particular, should be aware of their overall screen time. In order to continue enjoying the game while minimizing the impact of mobile phones on vision, be aware of how much time you or your children are spending in front of screens each day and take regular breaks using the 20-20-20 rule by taking a break every 20 minutes to look 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. Perhaps check out each PokeStop or Pokemon GO gym for a few minutes to give your eyes a break and take in some new scenery before continuing on in pursuit of a Dragonite.”

Continue to make your eye health a priority, even in gaming season and as you’re chasing Pokemon characters with your friends. It’s August, which means children’s eye health and safety month so it’s especially important for kids to practice safe screen time and make sure that they’re being wise about how they interact with electronics.

from Hargrave Eye Center | Corneal Transplantation http://ift.tt/2b73oDn


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