Contact Care

Millions of people wear contact lenses every single day. However, many of these people suffer from problems like eye infections and vision problems because they do not properly care for their lenses. Soft and hard or rigid gas-permeable contact lenses both require a great deal of work to properly maintain. When you follow the right steps to properly care for your lenses, you will have fewer problems with your eyes. Here are the best ways to care for contact lenses.

Always Handle Them with Clean Hands

Your hands should always be thoroughly clean before you handle contact lenses. Wash with soap and rinse your hands completely. Make sure to dry them with a clean towel that is free of lint.

Be Careful with Beauty Products

If you wear hairspray, you should apply it before you put in your lenses. If you are a woman who wears makeup, you should also always apply your makeup before putting your lenses in your eyes. Remove your contacts prior to removing your makeup as well.

Use the Right Solution

Some contact lenses require special solutions for wetting and cleaning. If you have hard or rigid gas-permeable lenses, you will also have to use a solution that removes protein deposits at least once per week. Soak your lenses in the right product and avoid using tap water. Water contains many microorganisms that can damage your lenses and lead to a myriad of eye problems if you soak your lenses in it. Likewise, never use saliva on your contacts.

If you are an eye drops user, check with your doctor to see what he or she recommends. Not all drops are compatible with all contact lenses.

Clean the Case

You should always clean your contact lens case thoroughly each and every time you use it. Hot tap water works well. Let it air dry before you put your lenses in it for the night. It’s a good idea to replace your contact lens case every three months as well.

Remove Your Lenses Properly

It’s important to correctly remove your lenses. Soft lenses are typically the easiest to remove and require you to push them down your eye using one finger. You may want to keep your fingernails short so that you don’t accidentally damage your lenses or scratch your cornea. Hard or rigid gas-permeable contacts are supposed to be removed by blinking them out. Keep your eyes well lubricated if you have to so that you can properly remove them.

If your eyes are irritated, it’s best to remove your lenses. Let your eyes rest once in a while. Also, if you experience any pain, blurred vision that doesn’t clear, strange light flashes or any other unusual symptom, it’s wise to immediately see your eye doctor.


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