Family History

Living a healthy life is the best way to keep your body functioning properly well into the future, but many people often forget that eye health is equally as important as the rest of your body. If you do not take care of your eyes, then you will likely have vision issues later in your life. Eye health is even more important if you have a family history of eye conditions because almost every common eye condition can be passed down in your genetics.

If someone in your immediate family has developed an eye condition at some point in their life, then you will be at a much higher risk of getting this condition too. Some of the most common vision problems that can run in your family are astigmatism, glaucoma, macular degeneration, myopia and hyperopia. Since vision is a vital sense that you rely on every day, it is highly important to know your family history when it comes to eye health. Learning this information can make it much easier to keep your eyes healthy and avoid any vision issues.

Your eyes need to be treated like the rest of your body, so it is very important to get regular exams from a doctor. These eye exams are even more important if your family has a history of eye problems. The doctor will be able to easily keep track of your vision once you start getting an annual exam. If you develop an issue with your eyes, then it can be treated before your vision is damaged. Catching glaucoma or another serious eye condition early can potentially prevent you from going blind in the future.

In addition to getting regular checkups, there are also several other things that you can do to keep your eyes healthy. Just like the rest of your body, a good diet will go a long way to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Vegetables, eggs, almonds, fruits and dark greens are the best foods to eat to improve your eye health. You will also want to prevent your eyes from getting strained while using a computer or smartphone. The best way to do this is by taking a 10-second break every 10 minutes.

It may be scary to learn that your family has a history of poor eye health, but that should only inspire you to take better care of your eyes. Nobody wants to go blind late in life when it can easily be prevented with the proper care and treatment.


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