The Dos and Donts of Eyedrops

The Hargrave Eye Center’s latest post:

Eye drops are very important and have numerous different methods of used. Eye drops help replace your eyes’ natural moisture. Eye drops also helps those who have eye dryness and irritation. In addition, eye drops allow your eyes to be more comfortable overall. If you use eye drops, it is important that they are used properly.

Eye drops should be applied while tilting your head back. You should focus on the ceiling when applying eye drops, so be sure to be looking up! You should use your index finger to pull the lower eyelid down. The bottle should be held at least one inch away from your eye. Then you should squeeze a drop into your eye. After you’ve done that, you should not blink; instead, just close your eye once and gently press the corner of your eye, the side by your nose. Using this technique will stop your eye from leaking the solution.

When applying eye drops, do not let the bottle’s tip touch your eye. This could cause eye infections like pink eye. Also, do not expose the tip of the bottle to other surfaces, as this may introduce foreign bacteria that could cause infection.

It is also important to not mix eye drops. Instead, if you’re going to apply different applications, do so at least 30 minutes apart for the best outcomes.

If you wear contact lenses, ask your eye doctor or read the directions on what types of eye drops can be used while wearing contacts. If you are not sure, wait until after you’ve worn those contacts before using the eye drops.

Be sure to only apply the recommended amount of eye drops needed. Over applying eye drops will cause the product to work ineffectively.

It is also important to be as sanitary as possible when using eye drops. Always be sure to wash your hands before applying eye drops. Also, try to set an alarm for applying your eye drops. It is great to have a dedicated time to use eye drops, that way you won’t ever forget!

If you began using eye drops because of an eye infection or condition, consult with a doctor if your prescription has run out but you still have symptoms. Also please be sure not to use expired eye drops! If you follow these guidelines, you will be a pro when it comes to applying eye drops.

from Hargrave Eye Center |Ocular Health Experts


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