Prism Correction

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A majority of the world’s population suffers from some sort of vision impairment that needs correcting. If you have ever received a glasses prescription you may have been recommended prism lenses to help correct your vision. Although prisms are not used in every prescription for glasses they are used in certain types of vision correction. This blog will help explain the purpose of prism correction and how it works.

Double Vision

Prism correction is mainly used to help people who experience double vision. When someone experiences double vision, they see two images of a single object at the same time. These symptoms can be mild, as some people only see small fragments of a second image making what they are looking at seem fuzzy. This kind of vision impairment is called diplopia and is mostly treated through prism correction.

Another reason for using prism correction is to help patients adjust their eyes to a proper formation. Patients may have difficulty moving their eyes inward or outward together and prism correction can help them make that adjustment.

Prism Lenses

Prism lenses are different from optical lenses and therefore are used for different purposes. Optical lenses help people who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Optical lenses will bend light for us to be able to view objects better. Prism lenses work in a similar way by bending and refracting light so that you are now able to see an object as a single image instead of two. The lenses will trick your brain into interpreting what you are seeing so that your double vision is corrected.

As with other types of prescribed glasses, prism glasses are not the fix-all answer to your double vision. Prism glasses will need to be maintained just as and other glasses would. Prism glasses should be tested and updated frequently to ensure that you have the correct prescription. If images begin to become fuzzy or your double vision is getting worse, see your doctor to have a new prescription for your glasses. Use all of the same cleaning and maintaining techniques that you would use with any other pair of glasses and they will last you for as long as you need them.

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